Stress reduction and self care strategies for education professionals

Bring Your Own Bother - Education Professionals

A confidential, external non-judgemental space for staff to safely explore the impacts of their job on themselves personally.

BYOB is not therapy but based on CBT principles and carried out by a qualified and experienced CBT Therapist​

Watch this short video to find out more about BYOB and how it could help you and your team.

What have people said about BYOB?

” I am a convert! I was stressed about taking an hour out of a hectic day. Now I see how positive the experience has been. I truly hope this continues.”

Thanks for an excellent programme… I genuinely think this service could be hugely valuable to a very wide range of colleagues in education.” 

“It would be extremely beneficial for these sessions to be offered to all staff working in education from early years to universities”

Connecting to the Right People

The results of working on the BYOB platform speak for themselves.

  • Since starting BYOB 83% felt more able to cope with stress and 92% said the sessions have helped reduce their stress levels
  • 83% felt more informed about stress in relation to its impact on their mental health and wellbeing
  • 92% would recommend to colleagues and 75% would like to continue with 83% stating it should be an important part of their job
  • 92% agreed BYOB helped them to support colleagues &/or staff more effectively
  • 100% stated their therapist was professional and helpful
  • 100% felt safe and not judged